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GameShifting tools for Group Self-Facilitation

This weekend I’m facilitating the community retreat at Quaker Intentional Village Canaan and Eric Harris-Braun and I just customized a GameShifting Board for Quaker communities to use during the retreat.  I’ve watched GameShifting perform magic with groups for kids and adults alike. So far, we’re off to a bit of a rough reception when introduced this evening, but I’m still hoping it will play out well in use tomorrow.

This had me revisit, revise and update some of our GameShifting Documentation and parts of the Agile Facilitator Training Manual.  So, I’m going to post some highlights here.

Here’s the layout plan for the Quaker Gameshifting Board I made. (I still need to take photos of the real one we made.)

QIVC GameShifting Board

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