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Those Kids and Their Darn Gadgets (grumble…grumble)

I consistently hear these sorts of complaints a lot from parents, grandparents, and random adults on Facebook bemoaning the decline of a sort of basic decency among today’s youth.

  • “Kids today are addicted to being on their damn electronic devices.”
  • “Kids don’t even learn proper spelling or grammar with their stupid text speak.”
  • “Video games and smartphones are like crack for young minds.”
  • “Kids today aren’t learning necessary social skills since they won’t pull their noses out of their devices.”

Most are said by folks who are very well-intentioned, really caring for the kids and wishing the best for them. But I am so sick of hearing this kind of blind and backward obliviousness to what is probably the most important type of skills and literacy for children today.

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An Explosion of Writing!

[[cross-posted from Arthur’s personal blog]]

I’m painfully aware of the gap between how much value and insight I’ve been experiencing in the work that I’ve been doing, and how much I’ve been sharing and expressing that value in ways that others can access it.

One of the central principles in Agile Learning Centers is that in today’s age, learning (2.0) isn’t complete until shared. There’s a whole learning cycle: intention, creation, reflection, & sharing.  Like all natural cycles it can get fractally convoluted at times, but that it’s important to develop our ability to acknowledge and consciously participate in each part of the cycle. I can definitely see where my participation in the SHARING phase has been constrained to interpersonal conversations, and the lid needs to get blown off so that I can complete a deeper cycle of learning by sharing more effectively on a larger scale.

I’m committed to having a personal breakthrough in this domain and becoming a much more reliable writer, poster, and general sharer of insights and value… no longer leaving it to gather moss in between my ears.

In the spirit of this, and in camaraderie with other friends (including students) who are writing every day for NaNoWriMo, I commit to write and post every day in November. I will be posting each entry in my personal blog, even if it is really an addition to the Ceptr Apocalypse, my Agile Learning Center blog, the Emerging Leader Labs web site, or whatever.

Even if I have to share something that is not fully polished or finished. The point is to share, share, share.

So… it starts now!